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Faith-based non-governmental organizations and agencies

Seeking to equip workers to build Business As Mission (BAM) businesses

Client profile

As a non-governmental organization (NGO) or agency, are you seeking to equip your workers to develop sustainable BAM businesses?

Is your leadership team looking at ways to make BAM, B4T, or Social Entrepreneurship a central part of your organization’s strategy?

Do your workers have business skills and experience that can be used to impact individuals, communities, and the Kingdom?

Do your workers need help planning, funding, and operating successful BAM businesses?

Your next steps

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How IBEC can help

Introducing your leadership team to the Business As Mission movement and its potential role in your NGO or agency strategic plan

Helping your leadership team develop and implement a BAM-focused strategic plan for your NGO or agency

Helping your leadership team identify individual team members and workers with the requisite business skills and personality traits (“wiring”) to be successful in BAM business startup and management

One-on-one consulting support for constituents building BAM businesses, just as IBEC provides to independent entrepreneurs and businesses.


IBEC clients like this

Numerous faith-based agencies establishing BAM-focused initiatives for their workers serving overseas, including members of Missio Nexus

NGO developing an agricultural business in Eastern Europe

NGO developing business startup training programs to help trafficked youths gain self-sufficiency in Africa

NGO developing sustainable agribusiness to support an orphanage in Africa

NGO initiated water restoration project transitioning to an independent business model in Southeast Asia

Freedom Business Alliance, creating businesses that help women escape the sex trade in South Asia

Client names protected for security reasons

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IBEC Ventures -- Consultants for BAM/Business as Mission