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Kingdom builders through business

IBEC serves businesses, organizations and individuals seeking to make Business As Mission (BAM) and the quadruple bottom line a central part of their personal and organizational strategy for impacting the Kingdom of God. With a quadruple bottom line focus, our clients pursue business in order to impact people and communities with this 4-fold purpose:

  1. Sustainable profit and wealth creation in the communities where they operate;
  2. Jobs that provide income and dignity for employees;
  3. Spiritual capital – followers of Christ;
  4. Stewardship of God’s creation.

Some IBEC clients are in the “equipping” business themselves. Faith-based NGOs, agencies, churches and universities work with IBEC to better equip the people they serve to successfully pursue BAM. They see BAM as a way to fulfill the Great Commandment to love our neighbor as well as the Great Commission to build Jesus’ kingdom.

IBEC is also starting to work with expatriates who are being transferred overseas by their employers. They see their new positions as opportunities to impact their communities for Christ but need coaching about how to do that effectively within the confines of their new work and living environments.


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