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IBEC supports Colleges and Universities who want to promote Business as Mission

Christian colleges and universities

Equipping students to pursue Business As Mission

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Do you want to incorporate Business As Mission (BAM), Business For Transformation (B4T) and Faith in the Workplace in your curriculum?

Do you lack the resources or expertise to develop it or to deliver it to your students?

Do you want to awaken your students to opportunities to serve God in their future workplaces and through businesses they launch here and abroad?

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How IBEC can help

Help developing BAM-oriented curriculum and courses

Speakers and video content on a variety of BAM, B4T and Faith in the Workplace topics

One-on-one coaching for students seeking to pursue BAM internships overseas

IBEC clients like this

Cairn University

Le Tourneau University

Vanguard College

Multnomah University

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IBEC Ventures -- Consultants for BAM/Business as Mission