Overseas startups and established businesses

Expatriates and nationals building community-impacting Business as a Mission (BAM) businesses

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Do you live in a country and a community that needs quality jobs, sustainable economic opportunities and spiritual transformation?

Are you considering starting a new business using a BAM model focused on the triple or quadruple bottom line? 1) Sustainable profit and wealth creation in the communities where they operate; 2) Jobs that provide income and dignity for employees; 3) Spiritual capital – followers of Christ; 4) Stewardship of God’s creation.

Do you need help developing a Strategic Business Plan that integrates your vision to build the Kingdom while building a sustainable business?

Do you already operate an established overseas business that you want to use more effectively to impact your employees and their families, your suppliers, your investors and owners?

Are you in need of a second set of eyes to assess your current situation?

Your next steps

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IBEC can help

Assess business opportunities in your native country or as an expat living (0r planning to live) overseas

Develop business, financial, operational and marketing plans

Develop funding proposals for prospective investors

Define and ensure the delivery of 360° of success, addressing customers, employees, employees’ families, the local community, investors, and owners

Coach you in modeling and living core Christian values in the work-place and in overseas community

IBEC clients like this

Examples of  businesses started/operated by nationals:

  • Boutique hotel in South Asia
  • Peanut butter manufacturer in Central Asia
  • Poultry business in East-Central Africa
  • Trekking business in South Asia
  • Multifaceted music business in South Asia

Examples of businesses started/operated by expatriates:

  • Boat manufacturer in S.E. Asia
  • English Language School in East Asia
  • Light manufacturing and trading company in East Asia
  • Coffee roasting business in South Asia
  • Adventure tours company in North Africa
  • Textile tour company in South Asia
  • Poultry feed producer in Central Asia
  • Healthy rice production business in Southeast Asia
  • IT services company in South Asia

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