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Serving the BAM community since 2006

Our Purpose: IBEC helps build sustainable businesses through consultative expertise that changes lives and transforms communities.

Our Vision: We envision an increasing number of Small-Medium sustainable Kingdom businesses with our special emphasis on areas that are both economically impoverished and spiritually unreached.

Our Values: IBEC serves businesses, organizations and individuals seeking to make BAM (Business as Mission) and the quadruple bottom line a central part of their personal and organizational strategy for impacting the Kingdom of God. With a quadruple bottom line focus, our clients pursue business in order to impact people and communities with this four-fold purpose:

  1. Creating sustainable profit and wealth in the communities where they operate;
  2. Providing jobs that give employees both income and dignity;
  3. Pursuing spiritual capital and making followers of Christ;
  4. Promoting stewardship of God’s creation.

One of the keys to our effectiveness in the areas of the world in which we operate is our ability to be authentic. We conduct ourselves with all honesty and integrity before an observant world.

Our Story: In October 2016, IBEC celebrated 10 years as a Kingdom impacting organization. During that time we’ve helped many organizations and individuals pursue their vision to serve others and serve God through business.
Learn more about IBEC’s journey over the years.

Our Countries of Operation: IBEC Ventures has served clients all over the globe, operating in countries spanning four continents.
Here’s where we’ve served over the years.

Our Reputation: What others are saying about IBEC.

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