Activating business people to use their gifts for Kingdom building

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Do you believe that God's Word and His ministry is not just a Sunday event – rather, it’s a 24/7 opportunity and responsibility for His people to make disciples of Jesus in their daily lives?

Do you want to awaken your congregation to opportunities to serve God in their workplace and through businesses they launch here and abroad?

Are there members of your congregation who have business skills and a desire to build Kingdom businesses overseas?

Is your church supporting people serving overseas who have strong business skills that could be activated for more impactful Kingdom building?

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IBEC can help

Introducing your leadership team to the Business As Mission movement and its potential role in your church’s strategic ministry plan.

Helping your leadership team develop and implement a business activation focused strategic plan for your congregation and/or for a segment of your overseas teams.

Speakers for church conferences and workshops.

One-on-one consulting support for constituents building BAM businesses, just as IBEC provides to independent entrepreneurs and businesses.

IBEC clients like this

  • Churches establishing BAM-focused initiatives for business people in their congregations.
  • Churches supporting overseas personnel.

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