North American businesses expanding overseas

Seeking to grow their business and the Kingdom

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Are you considering expanding your North American-based business overseas?

Would an overseas operation enhance your business model and help it to be more profitable and successful?

Could your current business provide jobs for people in underdeveloped communities?

Do you have a desire to build God’s kingdom through business in communities desperately in need of jobs, economic opportunity and spiritual transformation?

Your next steps

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IBEC can help

Screen and evaluate viable locations for expansion

Develop business, financial, operational and marketing plans for the overseas expansion

Identify resources for determining local and international legal and taxation implications

Define and ensure the delivery of 360° of success, addressing customers, employees, employees’ families, the local community, investors, and owners

Coach you in modeling and living core Christian values in the work-place and in overseas community

IBEC clients like this

  • US-based financial services company establishing a software development company in South Asia
  • US-based reclaimed and rare woods supplier establishing rare timber production in North Africa
  • US-based artisan fabric products company establishing finished goods sourcing from artisan cooperatives in Central America and Southeast Asia

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