IBEC VENTURES: Business as Mission Consulting, Coaching, and Training

Over 1100 Jobs Created by IBEC Clients in the last 3 years!

IBEC VENTURES: Business as Mission Consulting, Coaching, and Training

Over 1100 Jobs Created by IBEC Clients in the last 3 years!

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IBEC clients have two things in common. They understand the power of business to transform lives in economically and spiritually impoverished communities...and they understand the power of having an experienced Business As Mission (BAM) coach to put their vision into action. Since 2006, IBEC-coached businesses, NGOs, agencies and universities have been serving God through quadruple bottom line ventures in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Central America.




We’re a team of seasoned Christ-following business pros from a variety of industries and functional backgrounds, passionate about using our gifts and experience to serve His kingdom. IBEC consultants and subject matter experts receive in-depth BAM and business coaching training through IBEC’s Consultants Training Program and Resource Library, harnessing IBEC’s thousands of man-hours of real-world BAM experience.




More than a decade in the Business As Mission consulting and education business has prepared IBEC Ventures to provide proven, practical, value-enhancing services tailored to your organization’s unique needs.


Client Testimonials

We have loved our experience working with Bob Bush at IBEC Ventures.  We've been working with Bob since 2018 and he has helped us navigate through seasons of high growth, shifts in our business model, and a global pandemic.  He not only has exceptional business acumen, but he truly cares about you on a personal and spiritual level.  We consider ourselves blessed to be working with Bob Bush and IBEC Ventures. 
Devon Higgins, VP of Marketing, PhotoUp

We have been working with IBEC for nearly three years now and their help and guidance has truly been invaluable. They have led us from our earliest startup phase to raising investment, to maturing into a growth-stage company and kept us focused on the big picture throughout the whole time. The encouragement as business leaders, as well as brothers in Christ, has been the encouragement we've needed at so many stages. Their connections within IBEC and the wider BAM network has also been a tremendous help on top of the coaching. We can't stress enough the benefit they have provided to us!
Beau Milliken, Co-founder at Kijani Forestry

I have been truly blessed by the team at IBEC as I have sought to grow a quadruple bottom line business. Without their expertise and consulting, I would have been years behind where I am today. In launching, they gave me the tools and connections my company needed as an integral part of our lifecycle. They were able to guide me as well as critique our strategies and business plan that very few could because of the depth of knowledge. Their experience has been invaluable and for that I am really grateful.
Joel Ballew, Founder/CEO at Co.Labor

Working with IBEC over the years has been transformational. It was the first time as a leader I felt truly listened to and had someone to be innovative with. Through their partnership I have been encouraged, built into and am very grateful for the mentorship.
Jenny Nuccio, Founder/CEO at Imani Collective

What drew me to IBEC Ventures was their combination of business excellence and Gospel urgency. With IBEC, I not only gained a partner to help me understand what it means to be a Gospel-centred entrepreneur, I gained a new set of colleagues and friends.
Kevin Mullins, Global Marketing Strategist, Founder, Advisor

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