Triventure BAM Business
Support Relief Fund

Triventure BAM Business Support Relief Fund

Building Kingdom Businesses is not easy. Triventure was created to address three critical success factors including training/equipping, coaching/consulting, and capital investment.  Expertise is now available in each of these areas through Triventure, as this proven formula focuses on the creation of jobs in some very difficult areas of the world.  Now, you can be a part of Triventure as well...and positively impact those businesses who need us the most!

  1. What is the Triventure BAM Business Support Relief Fund?
    Established to support businesses that are going through the Triventure Process (Courses, Coaching, and Capital).  Our objective is to assist these BAM businesses not only during the COVID-19 outbreak, but this fund is designed to support them in the long-term as well.
  2. Why do these BAM businesses need your support?
    BAM businesses cannot do this alone.  Triventure is the only one-stop-shop onramp that is designed to do BAM the right way.  This support fund is designed to help individuals create sustainable businesses for the Kingdom.
  3. Who makes up Triventure?
    Third Path Initiative - Courses (on-line, state-of-the-art) designed by BAM Leader and Speaker/Author, Mike Baer.
    IBEC Ventures - Coaching and consulting expertise from the leader in this space since 2006.
    Legacy Ventures Network - Capital assessment, guidance, and expertise for the BAM investment world.  Qualified BAM businesses "pitch" to LVN for possible investment.
  4. How do I get involved?
    Click below and enter transaction as "BAM Business Support Relief Fund" when you submit your donation. Your dollars will go toward Triventure training and coaching, ensuring that these BAM businesses are built the right way.
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