Our Process

At IBEC Ventures, we assist entrepreneurs committed to creating Values Based Businesses in all phases of the venture process – from identifying viable opportunities through nurturing their long term growth and development.

Phase 0: Screen 1: Evaluate 2: Plan 3: Implement 4: Support
Key Steps Clarify and Assess Opportunities Incorporate All Values & Success Criteria Finalize Plans, Resources & Complete Preparations Execute Plans & Optimize Processes Provide Mentoring, Networking, & Accountability
Process Identify Meaningful Business Opportunities Develop Values Based Business Plans Provide Coaching & Training to Ensure Readiness Start-up Venture & Problem Solve as Needed Provide Growth Coaching, Key Contacts, & Reviews
Outcome Decision to Proceed or Terminate Viable Preliminary Plan to Attract Investors Complete Readiness to Proceed to Implementation Quality Product and/or Service Delivered to Market Sustainable Business Delivering 360˚ of Success
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