July 2015

Let’s not forget Nepal so soon!

Have most of us forgotten Nepal already?  Was it a blip on the screen of our TV’s and on the prayer lists of our churches?  My TV news these days is full of news of forest fires in the West, shark attacks in the East and tornados in Mid-America.  These are certainly important – and …

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Quilts and a question

I just looked out my office window on this sunny day in mid-July.  Our little town of 2,000 residents is swarming with about 10,000 tourists who have come to the largest outdoor quilt show in North America.  It is amazing! Thousands of people; overweight dogs on leashes; women with gigantic handbags; a restored 1931 Model …

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WATER — or lack of it!

WATER!  I never thought much about it.  I was born and raised on Canada’s west coast with rainwater and lakes all around.  I lived for 21 years in the Amazon rain forest!  I suffered the rainy winters of Seattle for five years.  I can see the snow pack on the Cascade mountains from where I …

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