October 2016

Does crisis loom?

We all can remember a critical time in our business when things were not going well. Maybe even the future was in question. Maybe we were ready to give up.  Maybe competitors or authorities were out to get us. We were anxious and tempted to act precipitously and quickly in the time of stress. This […]

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Hooked on changing lives

When I first met Ryan, he was entrenched in the mystical world of coding for a secret project. This secret project would supposedly change the world of media streaming. His team of software engineers worked diligently with no salary and no guarantees, only the promise of a significant payout when the project succeeded. I didn’t

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5 tips for achieving the triple bottom line

What if you could create something with the power to stimulate a developing local economy, catalyze societal change, strengthen families, and spark spiritual transformation? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Enter the triple bottom line. That’s exactly what Business As Mission entrepreneurs are doing. When BAM entrepreneurs start socially conscious BAM businesses they’re after more

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7 things we have learned in 10 years of BAM consulting

As we celebrate IBEC’s 10th anniversary, we share this reflection by Larry Sharp and Gary Willett, reprinted from Business As Mission Review, July 11, 2016: IBEC Ventures was incorporated in 2006 as a consulting group to provide consulting services primarily to Business as Missionstartups in areas where there is high unemployment, great injustice and where

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