September 2020

The Complexity of BAM Businesses Operating Abroad

A headline in the Harvard Business Review caught my attention.1 The subtitle screamed, “Companies operate in an increasingly complex world: Business environments are more diverse, dynamic, and interconnected than ever – and far less predictable.”  And if that is true in North America, it must be even greater for start-ups in the overseas arena. Cross-cultural

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Dick Weidner is the founder and CEO of Legacy Ventures, a partner with IBEC Ventures and the Third Path Initiative in, a startup training, coaching and capital endeavor. Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures ***** It is one of the more subjective words in any language. In the U.S. if your annual

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Finding Fulfillment at Work

Monday is Labor Day in the US and Canada, a national holiday that dates back to the 1880s. It has its roots in the labor movement and is celebrated in September in North America, distinct from most of the world which celebrates the International Workers Day on May 1. Our Christian faith has much to

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