December 2017

Job opportunities in BAM

I am often asked if there are places in the world of Business as Mission (BAM) for internships, job opportunities, for those who are not true entrepreneurs or founders.  The best BAM website out there may be Business As Mission’s ( and this recent list of job opportunities will interest many of our readers. The […]

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Business is a gift

This month of December is a month for giving. We give gifts to each other; we reflect on the gift of Jesus to humanity; and we think about year-end giving to various charities. Patrice Tsague, CEO of the Nehemiah Project proposed that business is a gift and he stated twenty reasons. If you agree, we

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Predictors for BAM company impact

There is considerable interest these days in measuring the impact of Business as Mission (BAM) companies. Is the theory of BAM something that will contribute to the intended results? How are individual BAM companies doing when compared to the quadruple bottom line? What makes for success?Researcher and economist, Steve Rundle reported at the BAM Conference

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