February 2023

Taylor G. Peterson: Celebrate Me Home: A Missionally-Minded Prayer

In early January, the Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin, collapsed on the field when his heart stopped cold. Fortunately, expert help arrived immediately, and after a week or so in the hospital, he demonstrated a remarkable recovery. What was interesting to me was the references to prayer by the commentators, and the kneeling of players […]

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Dick Weidner: Reflection

Dick Weidner, the leader of Legacy Ventures Network, takes time to share some insightful knowledge on the concept of “Reflection”, and how we can use it to find and effectively accomplish our God given purpose. Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures Larry.Sharp@ibecventures.com ———- One of the dictionary definitions for “Reflection” is, “To ponder

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Bono on Business

What do you think of when you hear the name, Bono? U2 and rock music, right? Every day, we hear testimonials on the news media. Sometimes spokespeople are famous, but not competent to speak up on a subject. Not so with Bono and business.  There are many commendable aspects for this 62-year-old rockstar.  He loves

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