January 2020

More BAM for the Buck

We are happy to reprint two articles in early February by two of the leaders in the worldwide BAM movement, Patrick Lai and Mats Tunehag. Mats Tunehag presented a landmark speech at the Christian Economic Forum in 2019. It is well worth the time to read. In the second week Patrick Lai reveals eight questions that every […]

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Compound Interest

***Dick Weidner leads Legacy Ventures Network which is the third component of Triventure.com.  Dick has been in the financial sector and a church leader his entire career and has started companies focusing on accounting and on investment.  From time to time we will be reprinting articles by Dick.*** It is reported that Albert Einstein was

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The 5 C’s of Business As Mission

I participated in a one-day Business As Mission conference in October.  There were three plenary speakers, three BAM businesses from Asia which made a pitch for $25,000 of capital, a panel discussion, and roundtable discussions. Every part was beneficial. One of the speakers was David Nash, a Canadian investor and entrepreneur, who spends time with

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BAM Congress: April 2020

The BAM Congress is a pivotal opportunity to connect with BAM practitioners, thought leaders, and advocates.  The last congress took place in 2013, and IBEC was represented by three of us.  Now in April 2020, we are a sponsor, and will provide a breakout workshop.  We have also been working for several months on a

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Why We Do What We Do

A man made his way out of the car and began to walk toward the old, cement building that was positioned near the side of the road.  He felt the warm sun beat down on the back of his neck, as he took a deep breath and slowly proceeded to the top of the stairs. 

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