9 ways that IBEC Ventures is unique

Unique aspects of IBEC's BAM Consultant expertise

This is an important question for any organization, not only for internal management purposes, but also to insure we serve the client well. What do we have that may be unique as we seek to meet client and customer needs?

The question was asked of 21 consultants attending a 3-day training session in Kansas City in mid-August.1 The group then wrestled with responses which will be used to help us grow as an organization. So, what were some of the unique qualities of IBEC? We do not claim to have arrived at perfection with any of these, and we certainly do have challenges but we want to continue to develop in our capacity to serve in our unique way. We welcome your input to these nine propositions.

What are the qualities that make IBEC unique?

    1. We have a workable, proven, diverse, and unified virtual leadership.
    2. IBEC has a strong tool box of collateral materials for consultants’ use.
    3. We have a philosophical and practical commitment to the integration of business with spiritual bottom lines (e.g. making disciples of Jesus).
    4. Consultants, coaches and subject matter experts have robust business experience.
    5. IBEC’s branding and messaging is relevant, consistent and focused.
    6. IBEC has a strong blog and social media strategy.
    7. We have over a decade of experience applying what we have learned from ourselves and others.
    8. Unique breadth (strong connections and skill sets) and depth (focus and stories) in the Business as Mission field.
    9. We are accountable, meaning we just don’t try to “fix things” but we join a business as an extension of it and hold ourselves accountable for our involvement.

1  Gary Willett, Director of Consulting Services led the planning of the training while Jim Mayer served as logistics coordinator.

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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