Five key elements of our purpose to keep in mind in 2015

IBEC’s purpose is to help build sustainable businesses through consultative expertise that changes lives and transforms communities.

  1. We help build!  IBEC leadership and consultants are committed to partnering to get the job done. We want to work together in collaboration with other individuals and organizations – and we do.  We help – we do not do it alone!   We highlight partnering on our website.  We highlight it in reference to our 360 degrees of success together with colleagues, customers, employees, families, investors, owners and many others (Values Based Businesses Deliver 360° of Success). We are in the consulting business together with others.  With you!  And it is all about growth and development – we are building for the future.
  2. Sustainable business is the end in view.  We have an exit strategy and train our clients in what the end should look like.  We don’t want anyone to be dependent on us but we are committed to sustainability, independence and interdependence.  The companies we coach in more than 20 countries are striving toward the bottom lines of profitability and sustainability; job creation for more and more people; and to the creation of spiritual capital; and good stewardship of creation’s resources.
  3. Consultative expertise is our core product.  The coaches, consultants, subject matter experts, investors, donors and leaders who have joined us are committed to using their experience, expertise and education for the good of others – to help others’ businesses to grow and make a difference in their world.  Consultative expertise is what we are all about and we aim to grow that in 2015.  We thank God for the involvement of top level executives, experienced managers, engineers, marketing executives, bankers, business owners, MBA’s, attorneys, IT experts, accountants, and the list goes on.
  4. Expertise that changes lives.  Lives change when people have dignity.  Having a job brings dignity and self-worth.   Lives change when they come to know the God of the universe and they see purpose for their lives.  Lives change when they rise above poverty; learn to fight injustice and learn to thank God for their empowerment.  IBEC loves to see that happen!
  5. Expertise that transforms communities.  It doesn’t stop with a successful business or a changed life.  Individuals grow into a community that is transformed – the collective whole of individuals who are changing their world.  We still look forward to the individuals who are changed by having a job, hearing about Jesus and experiencing liberation and dignity while developing into a community changing transformation.  We keep working to that end.

We step into this new year with great expectancy and ask you to consider how you might get engaged with IBEC in 2015…as an entrepreneur, as a consultant, as an investor, as an advocate or as a donor. Visit our website for more information or contact us to find out more about ways you can join us in this life changing venture.

Larry W. Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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