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You can experience this Unique BAM business.

I first met Rob Arrand eleven years ago when I visited his boat building business in Indonesia.  God had uniquely gifted Rob and Linda to speak the Indonesia language, love the people, and at the same time build boats for the glory of God.  Rob, an architect by training, had grown up around boats and water in Arizona and California, and the couple has been affiliated with YWAM ships for a long time.  What a unique team to own and manage BAM businesses in Asia.

Now in 2020, Rob and Linda, who sold their business in Indonesia and returned to the USA for a time, have incorporated a not-for-profit in the USA and a for-profit company in Indonesia – with a different and unique business model.

Every year millions of people are seeking a vacation that offers a unique experience. Based in Indonesia, SAIL4Purpose is a newly forming sailing expedition company with the goal of providing unforgettable sailing vacation experiences that not only provide adventure and incredible excursions, but also make a positive impact.

In addition to visiting awe-inspiring destinations such as world class surf spots, amazing diving locations, and diverse mountain and tropical rain forests,  SAIL4Purpose guests have the unique opportunity to make a positive impact with remote islanders. The boat vacationers can combine the fun of trekking, surfing, diving, or spearfishing with helping villagers improve farming techniques or develop an aquaculture project. Others may serve with medical skills, or by improving water sources.

The ultimate goal of SAIL4Purpose is, ‘making disciples of all people and nations.” This will be accomplished through the formation of long-term networked business and non-business relationships in many of the thousands of coastal Islamic and animistic villages in Indonesia.

“By reflecting the love of Jesus and being continuously present in the lives of the people living in the villages we visit and interact with, …disciples will be made,” affirms CEO Rob Arrand. The goal is to establish a profitable business that will flourish and allow Jesus to be seen incarnationally in the lives of his followers.

Rob and Linda do not want you to miss:

  • Deep blue crystal-clear oceans, emerald bays, and consistent trade winds which allow for amazing sailing experiences whether traveling offshore or exploring isolated bays for unforgettable diving, trekking, and surfing adventures,
  • Nor the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of island people,
  • All with a certified Level I sailing instructor licensed with the USCG as a 25-ton master boat Captain, with thousands of miles of inshore and offshore racing and cruising experience, and each crew member a passionate follower of Jesus.

Sail4Christ is looking for partners at various levels, including investors. Rob can be contacted at:

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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