Freedom businesses are businesses committed to the Quadruple Bottom Line just like any other BAM business, but with an added dimension.  They focus on training and hiring survivors of human slavery.  The employees have been rescued from the trafficking industry and are being restored to the dignity God intended for them.  The process is not complete without a good job so they can re-enter society with integrity, joy and freedom.

The Freedom Business Alliance is a facilitator of more than one hundred such businesses (; they have collected products from member businesses around the world, who employ survivors of human trafficking and those at risk.

These products come from Kingdom Companies in Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Bolivia, Bangladesh and more. Last year, I bought several items for the women in my family, and they loved the items and the idea.

Shop for a gift which will have a two-fold purpose. The gifts here provide jobs for rescued women. In turn, it provides a meaningful gift for your friend or family member this Christmas. This Holiday season, invite your loved ones into the powerful story of lives set free for freedom’s sake. (

If you don’t see what you like, here is a completely different idea.  Don and Terri Larson operate a quality cashew nut BAM company in Mozambique.  Watch the 3-minute video and learn how the Sunshine Nut Company is changing lives. Then buy some real quality cashew nuts.  I bought some this year for several gifts (don’t tell anyone).  Order some today at: (

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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