Taylor G. Peterson: “Let the Spirit Transform Lives and Communities”

We at IBEC have been privileged to have Taylor Peterson serve as our Marketing Communications Manager. What that has meant for me is that he is the one who takes the words of the blog and sets them up to look good, does the behind the scenes IT work, and finds a graphic to go with it. He has contributed in other ways such as solving problems with a servants heart.  

We are delighted in the calling of his heart, and are anticipating that he can continue his IBEC work from Romania. I asked him to share a few words with us.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures


Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

It has been a tremendous blessing to continue partnering alongside each of you in ministry for the past six years, changing lives and transforming communities. As you know, our longing to change the world also changes us in the process!

In early 2024, I have an opportunity with Greater Europe Mission (GEM), to serve in Romania, a part of the world that is facing tremendous need for Christlike humanitarian aid. Due to the Ukrainian war crisis and residual Communistic oppression, a vast amount of hopelessness resides amongst the people. God has opened the door for me to minister in Timisoara, Romania, bringing His hope, light, and love to the people of Romania, specifically, the disabled orphans. He has commissioned me with the tools, calling, eternal fire, and conviction to be His hands and feet, walking alongside the least of these. (Matthew 25:35-40 NKJV)

Being born myself with the affliction of Cerebral Palsy (CP), I too could have been an orphan, had it not been for the family that I am blessed with. Living with challenges, whether physical, emotional, or mental, is never easy. If you would have asked the younger me what I thought about having CP, I would have told you back then that I didn’t want it, and that I wanted to fit in and just be normal. What I realize now, is that having challenges allows us to be set apart- to stand out, which is exactly what God calls us to do as believers. The revelation of understanding God’s sovereignty over my affliction of CP, has enabled me to see that it is for His glory and my good! God desires for us to never be ashamed of our challenges; for they are beautiful crosses that He has given each one of us to carry and use to impact others. My body may be broken, but I walk daily in the wholeness of God’s grace. I am willing to walk out this calling under the affliction I bear, all for the purpose of advancing His Kingdom!

Will you consider partnering with me in prayer and/or financial support, to bring the Gospel to the country and people of Romania, that I have been burdened to love and serve? (Ruth 1:16-17 MSG) I have raised the original $5,000 budget amount, however, an additional amount to raise of $3,600 has been recently communicated due to cost-of-living increases across Europe. My fundraising portal through GEM can be accessed by visiting romania.gospelgray.com. All financial donations are directly deposited into my missionary account, with a tax receipt provided through the mail.

Join me as we go to the ends of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! J.T. Smith affirms that, “The gospel will take on a form of the culture that it is speaking to. The gospel will also speak with a prophetic voice within the culture that calls for transformation. It goes in and calls out. Our goal is to preach the gospel of Christ from the Scriptures and let the Spirit transform lives and communities.”

Wishing each of you a blessed Christmas season!

Taylor G. Peterson

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