The KIND Company – built on Purpose: Relevant to BAM businesses

Daniel Lubetzky’s father survived the holocaust and he left a legacy of kindness both during the war and afterwards, something which has informed his son Daniel’s approach to business.

Ever eat a KIND bar?  A billion a year are sold worldwide, and the company is valued in at billions of dollars.

The podcast noted below reminds the listener that a startup entrepreneur can be successful while producing what is good for the world and holding to a core mission. Lubetzky started with a business model to build bridges between people and cultures, by treating people how one wanted others to treat them, as in the Golden Rule.  His first business, PeaceWorks, endeavored to bring peace between Arabs and Jews.

KIND Snacks is committed to producing only “real food”, which is both nutritious and low sugar, making a simple straightforward promise about the ingredients. The packaging is clear to show what is inside and the ingredients have no sugar added, low sodium, low fat, zero trans fats, and high fiber.  The story presents several takeaways, which inform startups anywhere and certainly are relevant to the BAM world.

Here are just a few:

  1. It can be easy to lose focus of your brand’s reason for being … be ready to say “no” to growth ideas that are outside the core mission.
  2. Good intentions aren’t enough. A deep sense of mission has to be tied to solid processes for connecting to your target customer and making adjustments.
  3. Don’t get caught up in the idea of the successful entrepreneur as a charmed hero. Mistakes and disappointments happen constantly. You have to build up stamina.
  4. Decisions need more than data (data is only as good as the assumptions and the expectations); they need “a good gut”.
  5. Values come first and the business must be built on your core values.

How a Holocaust Survivor’s Son Built KIND Snacks; Plus, Tips to Beat Black Friday

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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