Using Videos to Teach Introductory Business as Mission Content

I have always loved to teach using case studies with a visual medium. In early 1964 Marshall McLuhan famous coined the term, “The medium is the message.”  Most simply stated, he meant that the way content is delivered affects how it is perceived. We at IBEC Ventures believe that the integration of faith and work is essential; business and mission are not to be considered divided but work together to live and share the “good news”.  Real life stories help the learner to “see” a principle in a situation they can identify with and potentially replicate.

Here are some videos to use to introduce ideas and models related to Business as Mission.

1. Business is the answer to Poverty. Poverty Cure – From Aid to Enterprise:

2. Work as Worship:

3. It doesn’t matter what your profession is:

Yes, I’m the Mechanic:

4. Importance of consulting/coaching:

Introduction to IBEC Ventures:

5. Faith and Work integrated USA businesses:

Kingdom Business in Iowa:

Hobby Lobby:

6. BAM entrepreneurs overseas:

7. Human trafficking:

8. Listening in another culture:

9. Fully understanding the reason for doing it:

10. IBEC Ventures and Triventure integrating the marketplace with making disciples:

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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