Where are we going?

IBEC Leadership Team: Larry Sharp, James Mayer, Gwen Rapp, Gary Willett and Robert Bush

It is a good thing for every person and every organization to periodically step back, assess who they are, what they have accomplished in the past, and where they are going in the future.  The Leadership Team of IBEC Ventures, led by Robert Bush, did that this past week at a beautiful setting in Colorado’s mountains – thanks to Board member, Dave Kier’s provision of his mountain chalet at 9150 feet above sea level; all with a lovely view of Pike’s Peak.

During our 4-day retreat we evaluated many things. Here are some of our conclusions:

IBEC’s Purpose

IBEC helps build sustainable businesses through consultative expertise that changes lives and transforms communities.

IBEC’s Vision

We envision an increasing number of Small-Medium sustainable Kingdom businesses with our special emphasis on areas that are both economically impoverished and spiritually unreached.

IBEC’s Initiatives for 2014-15

We concluded with five specific strategic initiatives for the coming year.  Included are:

  • Developing consultants through training partnerships such as Prepare to Engage and specific web-portal mechanisms for our more than 30 training courses.  Check out our website for examples of our training courses, soon to be available online.

Larry W. Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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