A case study in the USA which may be a model for BAM startups

Two years ago, I wrote a post on the IBEC blog showing an example of Corporate Social Responsibility by highlighting the rise of Chobani Yogurt and its founder Hamil Ulukaya.  It is a great case study for BAM startups. You can read it here.

Last month, Ulukaya presented a TED Talk which is riveting.  If you only have 4 minutes, watch the 4-minute version and you will have much to think about.

If you have 17 minutes, watch the full TED Talk and you may have an idea for your business or a new startup.

What does he say?

  • Spreadsheets are lazy, they don’t tell you about people; they don’t tell you about community
  • The playbook that guides CEOs in the last 40 years is broken.
  • There is a difference between profit and true wealth.
  • The New Anti-CEO playbook sees people again – it sees beyond profits, money and shareholders – it is about employees first and about community – they build success.
  • Business is in the best position to bring social change, not government.
  • The CEO should not report to a board, but to the consumer, the reason the business exists.
  • People often just need another chance – to develop dignity of work, strength of character and human spirit (30% of Chobani’s work force is immigrants and refugees).

Perhaps the most powerful thought is in relation to how a kingdom business (Business As Mission) project should start, and it is so different than most of the well-meaning startups today. Ulukaya says:

  • Each startup business should go to struggling communities and rather than ask for tax breaks, ASK, “How can I help you?”

4 minute version: here.

17 minute full TED Talk: here.

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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