A Few Overseas Opportunities with Business as Mission Companies

IBEC partners with a well-connected international company which regularly puts out information like the following:

Many BAM companies in the regions where we work are able to pay competitive local-level salaries for qualified individuals. Expats are generally expected to have an additional financial support structure to provide for needs of repatriation, health insurance requirements, etc. We can help find these support structures if they do not already exist for a candidate.

  1. Managing Director – Clean Water Technology Manufacturer – Laos
  2. Sales and Marketing – Orchard Management – Kazakhstan
  3. Marketing/Sales Team Leader – Manufacturer – Nepal
  4. Finance / Accounting Manager for Micro-Credit Company – Central Asia

Other positions are also available:

Manager of Operations, Sales and Marketing, and IT Specialist/Programmer


5. FOR SALE – Coffee Shop/Roastery and Bakery – Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact IBEC for more information!

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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