A Very Readable AI Insight – Business as Mission Needs to Understand

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog related to AI, but I took a spin that reminded us of that which is certain, while starting and operating businesses related to Business as Mission. Since then, I came across an article by well informed authors who write about AI in terms I can understand.  I thought I would share it. The 4th and 5th insights are particularly applicable to Business as Mission endeavors.

  1. Embrace the Crucial Role of Business in Harnessing the Positive Social Impact and Mitigating the Risks of Generative AI.
  2. Foster Collaborative Partnerships to Shape a Future that Fosters Equity and Resilience.

Zahid Torres-Rahman, the CEO of Business Fights Poverty and Jane Nelson, the Director of Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, state in the introduction that,

“Our latest report explores the rapid evolution of generative AI, its potential for positive social impact, the risks it poses, and the crucial role of businesses in harnessing its benefits and mitigating its risks. Share your perspectives and help shape our collective thinking on building an equitable, resilient future.”

You will enjoy the read:

5 Insights on Generative AI, Social Impact, and the Role of Business


Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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