Books to read the summer of 2022

Many of us at least casually review book lists such as Christianity Today’s Yearly Book Awards, New York Times Bestsellers, Bill Gates “Summer Reading List” or one of many others.  Here is a list of five recently published books you might want to consider reading this summer.  I highly recommend each one.

Missions Disrupted – From Professional Missionaries to Missional Professionals, Larry Sharp, 2022.  The case is made for Missio Dei and Disruptive Innovation as the theology and theory that drive the BAM movement today.  Then, the author tells 27 stories of BAM businesses which have proven some measure of success in achieving the Quadruple Bottom Line over at least a ten-year period.

Steward Investor – Investing God’s Resources for Eternal Impact, Don Simmons, 2022.  In mid-June, I camped on the shore of Wapato Lake in Washington. I picked up Don’s book and couldn’t put it down.  I finished as the sun set behind the Chelan Mountains. Experienced investor, Don Simmons, helps the reader know how to adopt a holistic view of investing that aligns with Great Commandment and Great Commission outcomes.  Every person should read this book. It is the one and only best book on steward investing (not charity giving).

Workship: Recalibrate Work and Worship, Patrick Lai, 2021.  Actually, I read this a couple of months ago.  Patrick gives the biblical basis and substance for the integration of work and worship (workship), and sees it as a recalibration of how we view the marketplace and faith. This may be the only way to reach the 25%+ of the world’s population still unreached.  Also a must read.  It is deep, and yet is easy to read in one evening.

The ServiceMaster Story, Albert M. Erisman, 2020.  I also read this some months ago. Author Al Erisman tells how the ServiceMaster Company navigated the tension between people and profit for 70 years. This is a strong case study, and provides a model for Kingdom companies, whether stateside or overseas.  Al tells of how a six-billion dollar a year company was successful, due to its end goals of “To Honor God in all we Do,” and “To Help People to Develop.”

Faith Driven Entrepreneur, Henry Kaestner and J.D. Greear, 2021.  Henry (Founder of Sovereign’s Capital) and J.D. (Pastor of Summit Church) combine to demonstrate the values, habits and traits of entrepreneurs who pursue their God-given call to create.  The concepts and stories show the missional possibilities when one deeply connects work with faith. This book includes access to the video series, discussion guide, and invitation to the faith driven business community.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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