Business as Mission at the Lima Farm – Repurposed for the Glory of God

The word ‘repurpose’ is relatively new in the English language with the first known use dating only back to 1984.  It means to give a new purpose or use to.

What if you had over 100 acres of prime foothills1 farmland in beautiful Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), a small land-locked monarchy in southern Africa?  What if you wanted to repurpose the land with a new business model aligned with the tenants of Business as Mission (profitability, job creation, disciple-making and respect for creation)?

Such things as this often begin with a vision which in this case originates with the 35-year life experiences of the Gooday family, especially Nala and Paul and Paul’s wife Natalie.  Their new repurposed vision:

A family-based agro-tourism business that creates quality organic products, provides a unique Eswatini farmstay  and retail experience, and contributes to sustainable community development.

Essentially this repurposed farm is focused on four components –

+   Agribusiness ­ drawing from experience in livestock, poultry, orchards, and vegetables (all organic) with a focus on high value, intensive produce with a partnership with local community channels.

+   Tourism will utilize the tradition of the land with 3-options of agro-tourism. Work on the guest cottage is in progress to be set up as an Airbnb, and plans are made for converting old staff housing into a space for groups of 20-25.

+   Retail includes a water bottling business, but infrastructure is planned for an Hawane lifestyle center to include restaurants, coffee shops, a farm shop, and other creative businesses.

+   Community Development  will empower local job creation using agriculture and management.

So, this viable farm is already being revitalized by taking underutilized assets, unused farmland, and rundown buildings and repurposing them from a historic general farm into a targeted profitable agribusiness with specific outcomes in mind:  jobs for the 65% unemployed young people, a Christian outreach to tourists and the community, and a testimony to the environment and creation care.

I asked how a consultant was contributing to this on-going repurpose vision.  Managing Director Nala Gooday mentioned help with the business plan and a separate missional plan which is eventually integrated with the business plan.  It includes a pitch plan for the investor search; and also prayer, encouragement and fellowship with a person of experience.2

In order to implement and deliver on the vision for Lima Farms, management has determined that several key strategic partnerships are required.

  1. Investor: Long-term partner/investor for both debt and equity in the business who understands the long-term vision. The first raise is expected to be $US 600,000.00
  2. Local Community – Hawane Community Trust: A close partnership with the community and the Hawane Community Trust as the primary vehicle for doing this.
  3. Donor Funding: For the community development of the Lima School of Food, which will deliver world class agricultural and food training.
  4. Tourism partners: This requires international and South African partners from corporate groups, tour groups, mission agencies, churches, etc.

This is a gigantic vision with a gigantic potential payoff.  But with God, all things are possible. In short, repurposing of the Lima Farm has at its foundation a robust history of community contribution and integration, world class agricultural production, consulting and political expertise, proximity to the national capital, and scenic atmosphere with mountains and rivers in addition to farm land.  Add all of this together, and you have the components of a new product and experience – for the glory of God!

Do you have an asset you can repurpose for God; maybe your career, maybe a few hours of your time, purpose some financial assets, perhaps some real property like the Goodays.  Think about it – better yet, pray and talk to God about it!

For further information on how you can partner with Lima Farm:


Western Highlands and view of the Ngwenya mountains

IBEC Ventures coach and Managing Director, Robert Bush

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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