Freedom Business: a business that exists to fight human trafficking

Freedom Business: A business that exists to fight human trafficking

Freedom Business Alliance exists to help Freedom Businesses succeed.

IBEC is proud of our involvement in the Freedom Business Alliance (FBA) which was launched this year and has now developed its website.  IBEC’s own Marcia Leahy is on the Core Leadership Team and IBEC is a partner with FBA.

The Alliance aims to provide business training, business mentoring, industry research, networking, information resources and marketplace connections in the fight against the trafficking industry.

Human trafficking is BIG – it is ORGANIZED – and it is TRANSNATIONAL. Perhaps there are as many as 27 million slaves today. There are many ways to counter this problem and one key way is by providing jobs to victims and potential victims.  Alternative ways to earn an income through a productive job are vital. You can read more about this in Mats Tunehag’s excellent article, “Human Trafficking and Freedom Through Enterprise“.

Businesses and Not-For-Profits need to work together in this arena and the Freedom Business Alliance (FBA), with its international leadership group is uniquely poised to provide training, resources and connections.  Core Team member, Jennifer Tunehag started the European Freedom Network and has been on several international trafficking task forces. She will be presenting several talks in the IBEC-sponsored BAM Talk Forum in Oregon September 23-25.

Still wondering what a freedom business looks like?

Two of the core team members for FBA have started freedom businesses.  Freeset is located in the Sonagachhi area of Kolkata (see Freeset).  Also check out Trading Hope.

Larry W. Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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