Honoring the past | embracing the future – Part 2

Earlier this week we cited developments in honor of the past year (2015) in IBEC’s growth and development.  We thank God for those accomplishments and we now want to build upon them as we embrace 2016.

Four months ago at our annual retreat we affirmed our purpose statement:

We help build sustainable businesses through consultative expertise 

that changes lives and transforms communities.

We also affirmed our core beliefs which drive our action plans:
Viability – God uses business to make followers of Jesus.
Urgency – Making followers and building kingdom communities starts in the present.
Responsibility – God’s people are personally accountable for reaching the unreached through business.

Truly purpose statements, beliefs and goals are important.  But goals always meet with challenges, so we trust our readers will partner with us in moving ahead with appropriate action plans to incorporate God’s people in business to use their business, make a difference in North America and abroad, and see results in reaching the unreached.

Some of the challenges and opportunities identified in late 2015 which are priorities for 2016 are:

  1. Consultants and Subject Matter Experts: We need more quality consultants and subject matter experts.  Says Jim Mayer, Director of Recruiting, “…we continue to look for more people with the right kind of heart, experience, margin, and life skills so that we can provide the best consulting help to those who need it in the hard-to-reach areas of the world.” If you or someone you know might be a good addition to IBEC’s consulting team, please contact Jim at jim.mayer@ibecventures.com.
  2. Markets Served: It is important to identify the best market for IBEC’s services.  Historically we have served markets in the mission sector, but we sense the landscape shifting toward established business people taking their businesses abroad, and secondly national start-ups.
  3. Partners and Alliances: Who are our best partners and alliances in order to be stronger together and pursue economies of scale?  We continue to desire to develop strategic partnerships with stateside organizations that are training and preparing entrepreneurs and business developers (incubators and accelerators); we want to partner with financial institutions that provide equity and loan partners as well as donations and grants; we also seek partners who develop intellectual property and challenge the resource community.
  4. Revenue Model: How can we create a balanced diversified revenue model which will create value from consultative expertise, training and education and donations?
  5. Measuring and Reporting Value: There is a challenge to be able to measure success, or perhaps like Einstein suggested, “Strive not to be a success, but to be of value.”  How do we know we have created value, and how can that be measured and reported?

As you reflect on this past year and look to the new year ahead, what challenges and opportunities do you face? We appreciate each and every one of you reading this! We pray that for every opportunity and challenge in your path, God’s vision, wisdom and provision will go before you and your organizations. God bless you in 2016.

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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