IBEC – Mission Connexion Workshop 2020

In January of 2020, Bob Bush, Managing Director of IBEC Ventures, spoke at Mission ConneXion in Portland, Oregon. This text of his workshop is inspiring to us all.


I spent nearly 30 years in the healthcare industry prior to joining IBEC, and I can honestly say that this opportunity to serve God in this role has changed my life.

Like many of you who are here today, I was looking for an on-ramp that would allow me to represent Jesus and make a difference in the world.  I am not a pastor or a traditional missionary. I am a businessperson who loves Jesus…that’s who I am!

Our organization began serving clients back in 2006. We provide coaching and consulting for both new and existing BAM businesses, primarily in the 10/40 window. We serve between 20-25 clients at any given time from a variety of different industries. Our team of coaches and consultants is made up of 30-35 gifted men and women who love Jesus and want to make a positive impact on the clients we serve. Some of the key areas we focus on with our clients include:

  • Finance/Accounting
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Agricultural expertise

When we work with a client, what are we striving for with these businesses?

  • To build a sustainable/profitable company.
  • To create jobs for the Kingdom.
  • To make disciples for Christ.
  • To be good stewards and strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • To integrate the ministry plan; intentionality is seen in everything we do.

How we are impacting employees, vendors, customers, and the community is something we must never lose sight of! We must never forget why we are building this business in the first place. His Kingdom must always be our focus.

Here are some examples of how we create value for our clients:

  • We help design a business plan, a strategic roadmap for the team to follow.
  • We develop a case statement that reflects a crisp message for investors and other interested parties.
  • We create a presentation deck for effective messaging to target audience.
  • We help prepare budgets and provide continual review of the numbers.
  • We assist with the development of a marketing strategy that helps identify attractive markets for revenue generation.
  • We develop the sales plan and business development strategy…continually monitor tactical execution of the plan.
  • We provide hope, encouragement, and spiritual support for the team. Our goal is to focus on the relationship first and foremost and continue to discuss how we are reflecting Jesus in everything we do.

Some examples of successful BAM companies we have worked with include:

  • BAM business in Uganda focused on charcoal production:
    • Jobs have been created.
    • Connection has been made with investors and story is being shared.
    • Long-term strategy has been mapped out and tactical execution of the plan is routinely visited to alleviate surprises down the road.
  • BAM business in Africa that focuses on an assortment of products including wall hangings, pillows, rugs, and other customer pieces:
    • Jobs have been created; over 80 on board now.
    • Connections have been made with investors and presentation pitches are being developed.
    • Overall sales and marketing strategy is critical with this client, as the successful pathway to sustainability is getting closer and closer.

So…if you are looking for a way to get involved, IBEC Ventures may just be the on-ramp for you! You may be a:

  • Client – new or existing business that needs your expertise.
  • Coach/Consultant – use your gifts for the Kingdom; make a difference to those who need our help!

If this is you, check out (www.ibecventures.com) today. We would love to have you join our team!

Robert Bush, Managing Director, IBEC Ventures

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