IBEC’s approach

An approach is defined as “the method used or steps taken in setting about a task, problem, etc.” IBEC’s approach is rooted in who we are: we are a business consulting group which helps build sustainable Kingdom businesses in areas of the world that are both economically impoverished and spiritually unreached.

Kingdom businesses are profitable and sustainable; they provide jobs and dignity for workers; they seek to make disciples of Jesus; and wisely utilize the resources of God’s creation.

How do we do this? What is our method and what steps do we take toward that end?

First, we refer to our core competency as our consulting and coaching services. They reflect modern business consulting principles and standard coaching practices, but there is a unique quality. We believe that faith principles and godly values are integrated together within a growing business. The business must reflect who we are as followers of Jesus and create the context for the making of other disciples.

Check out the Approach section of the new website. There you will see services to businesses but also training content for business owners and for church groups, colleges and conferences in North America. Perhaps you would like to sponsor a BAM weekend seminar, or perhaps you know of a Kingdom business startup that needs help. Check out the last three weeks’ blogs for a better understanding of our clients and our team. Contact us at: info@ibecventures.com.

Our process is reflected in a 5-phase grid which demonstrates everything from identifying opportunities to nurturing and evaluating success. The method includes unique steps as we screen, evaluate, clarify, assess, identify, plan, coach, mentor, implement, hold accountable, problem solve, train, support and develop. Because we are client-centric other action steps are determined by the clients’ needs.

Larry Sharp, Training Director, IBEC Ventures

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