Our Team: Business as Mission game changers and life changers

For a consulting/coaching group like IBEC, the team of consultants and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is at the heart of what we do. These quality men and women with life experience in industry, culture, and life, with a wide range of business focus in the USA and abroad provide an asset to the Kingdom of God and to start-ups around the world.

Many IBEC consultants bring small business experience, while others have grown start-ups into multi-million dollar corporations and others bring leadership experience from Fortune 500 companies. IBEC is blessed. The expertise is simply too varied to imagine and too exhaustive to mention, but give it a try on the new website by following the Team links on the home page and navigation menu. You can also check out the individual resumes of some of our folks.

IBEC Consultants Training and Resource Library

The introduction of our new website is also our opportunity to introduce the new IBEC Consultants Training Program and Resource Library. Generous grants from the VEIT Foundation and the Cornerstone Foundation have helped us greatly expand our training for consulting team. We now provide all IBEC consultants and SMEs with a formal self-paced training curriculum covering basic and advanced BAM consulting topics. Each topic includes videos featuring BAM movement leaders and veteran BAM business owners as well as tools like sample business plans and resource guides. We also include 1:1 coaching and discussion with members of our leadership team to ensure that each consultant gets maximum value from their training time investment.

The IBEC Consultants Resource Library is available to IBEC consultants and SMEs, providing access to tools and resources for addressing IBEC BAM client needs. This is also where our team accesses the IBEC Consultants Training Program. These “second to none” training and materials benefit not only the consultant and coach but ultimately the clients.

Seasoned IBEC Consulting Services leadership

Our clients can count on the best possible guidance, coaching and consulting expertise from this team coordinated by Gary Willett, Director of Consulting Services. Gary himself has top level executive experience and work with small Not-For-Profits and churches as well as service overseas with international mission organizations. IBEC consultants also have access to the entire IBEC Leadership Team to guide and assist in meeting client needs.

Do you or someone you know have the makings of an IBEC consultant or SME?

Do you have spare cycles and a desire to put your gifts and business experience to work for the Kingdom? If you love God, have business skills and some margin with your time, we would like to help you leverage what God has given you in order to transform lives.

Check out the summary on our on-line brochure, Get in the Game, and contact IBEC’s Director of Recruiting, Jim Mayer, at jim.mayer@ibecventures.com.

In summary, as we step into IBEC’s 2nd decade of operations, we’re honored and excited to see how God has assembled an amazing team of BAM game changers and life changers!

Larry Sharp, Training Director, IBEC Ventures

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