PhotoUp: A BAM Business IBEC is Proud Of

Sometimes Christian business owners come to the conclusion that since their business is not located overseas, the opportunity to reach the unreached in other parts of the world is unrealistic. However, IBEC is currently working with an amazing company that has built a strategy to not only create domestic jobs, but overseas jobs as well. As a result, lives are being changed and communities are being impacted in a positive way. Their strategy is very simple. Revenue is achieved by their customer base in the United States while a significant portion of their new jobs are being created in an area of the world where hope and encouragement are, at times, words without meaning. This is not to say that new jobs are not being created in the states as well, but the company has found a way to complement their business model with a combination of both domestic and international positions. The company is PhotoUp, and they are modeling the way for others who truly want to make a difference.

Over the last six years, PhotoUp has grown from just a handful of employees to about 250. One of the primary reasons for this positive impact is their commitment to their people. PhotoUp’s ability to integrate employee development programs into the culture of the organization has allowed for vertical growth for many of the employees. For instance, one individual was selling candy on the street when this organization changed her life by bringing her on board. She is now in charge of custodial services, and is the primary breadwinner in her family. Not only has this company changed her life, but it has had a significant impact on her family as well.

IBEC Ventures has been privileged to team up with PhotoUp, and we have observed the team become united as its passion and desire to change the lives of those who are hurting the most is an immediate, common thread. The focus has been on building a sales model that not only drives revenue and enhances profitability, but it has also created a number of new jobs in 2018.

Monthly calls between the team members focus on the tactical objectives that are critical to this ramp-up, plus the constant reminder of the strategic plan that also needs to remain visible. PhotoUp’s CEO is a gifted individual who runs the company the right way, always looking at the relational side of the business as complementary to the numbers. This visible reminder to the employees that they are the most important component in the company has allowed for discussions that would never happen if this belief was not part of their corporate DNA. Leadership has made it clear that they are in the business to change lives, both internally, and in the community as well. Focus on sustainability, job creation, being disciples for Jesus, and reflecting good stewardship, represents the daily activities of the PhotoUp team. This mindset is why they are able to do what they do.

This intentionality in all they do brings change in lives, and we at IBEC Ventures feel the same way. A newly-created job can be the catalyst for renewed hope, encouragement, and enhanced personal dignity. And, in many cases…a desire to serve Jesus in the workplace is set in motion as well.

We are grateful for our relationship with PhotoUp, and we expect great things in 2019. This past year, a new division was created within PhotoUp, which has had a significant impact on numerous lives. The division is called Folio, and it has created a positive disruption in the website design marketplace. Folio’s expertise in building best-in-class websites at a very competitive price is already capturing market share. Their diversified offering has attracted clients in numerous service-related industries. Folio’s focus on improving visibility and reach for their target audience has immediately turned heads. Like PhotoUp, Folio has cemented their reputation as one that truly cares for their people.

For more information on Folio, please check out the following link. Like others who have already made the move, you won’t be disappointed!

Robert Bush, IBEC’s Managing Director

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