Quotes from a Very Important Book

Last year, IBEC Board member Don Simmons, CFP published a book which everyone should read.  It is entitled The Steward Investor – Investing God’s Resources for Eternal Impact. Don has over thirty years of experience in asset management and knows the power of investing in redemptive businesses to build people and communities.  He is an investor himself in some of the most impoverished and least reached countries.  This book develops a biblical apologetic for not just giving monies but investing in startup businesses for the greater glory of God.

I was intrigued enough to read the book in one day and noted several noteworthy statements which are quoted below:

  • This book is about our calling and responsibility to invest money so God’s purposes are achieved, because the investments we select are an equally important component of stewardship. P. 22
  • The central essence of biblical stewardship is managing everything God brings into the believer’s life, including – and especially – investments in a manner that honors God and fulfills his purposes. P. 33
  • Our job as God’s fiduciaries requires us to do far more than make generous donations to churches or other worthy causes. We must manage all our affairs in a manner worthy of being God’s P. 35
  • Relief: The urgent provision of resources to reduce suffering resulting from natural or man-made disaster.  Development:  The process which enables a community to provide for its own needs, beyond former levels, with dignity and justice.  P. 45
  • Why are we quick to give lip service to the idea that “God owns it all” while we are, in fact, managing His resources for our own pleasure or according to our own wisdom? P. 60
  • Like-minded investors are desperately needed to support Christian business owners and to help level the playing field in difficult parts of the world. P. 84
  • Businesses, whether local or in a foreign country, are an effective and sustainable method of making disciples while we are conducting the normal business of life…when we invest in BAM businesses, we seamlessly integrate disciple making into the ordinary routines of everyday life. P. 85
  • We must abandon the misunderstanding that investing is secular and donations are sacred. P. 86
  • Rather than a two-step process of amassing wealth and passing it to the next generation, scripture adds a third important step for believers, telling us that we are blessed with resources so that we can be a blessing to others. P. 101
  • Investing, not donating, is the most effective method of bringing perpetual and sustainable blessing to those who are in need and to bring the Gospel to those who have not heard it. P. 102
  • Most investments are made as loans to the missional enterprise, but it is possible to own stock (equity) in a missional business as well. P. 137
  • As God’s fiduciary, it is important to consider which method best optimizes the multiple goals of providing income for a retiree and simultaneously deploying resources to build the kingdom of God. P. 227

There are many more quotable sections in the book and also lots of stories both biblical and contemporary to challenge the reader to consider the what, why, when, how, where of investing in Kingdom businesses.  Put it on your “to read” list for 2023. It is available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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