The desire to make a difference

I had just landed in Africa the night before, and although I had gone nearly 24 hours without sleep, I felt alive as we began our first day just outside the city of Nairobi. The energy level I felt as I got up and looked across the mist rising above the grassy plains seemed to inject my body with an adrenaline level that could only be explained by God’s sovereign grace and His desire to expose me to a world I had never seen before.As our jeep bounced along the dirt roads outside the city, the beauty of Africa was something I cannot even begin to explain.

I was there for a reason

We made our way through numerous villages that led to our final destination, each of them resembling a lifestyle that made me feel guilty for what I had left back in the states. Small, dilapidated shacks were scattered along the roadside, as children played in front of these structures they called “home”. None of us in the jeep said a whole lot as we made our way to our journey’s end, but I believe we were all thinking the same thing. How could these children be so happy when they had nothing like what we had grown accustomed to? Something in their smiles reminded me that Jesus was alive, and that His expectation of me on this day was to spread His Word through the gifts He had given me. I was there for a reason…

After about 30 minutes along the last winding road, we made our way to the final destination. I was part of a team that would focus on helping our partners create a sustainable business, with a desire to ultimately spread the Word of Jesus Christ through the creation of jobs.

Over the next several hours, I became connected with the family and this amazing ministry. Their joy resonated throughout the village, and their desire to learn from us was truly a breath of fresh air. Together, we began to focus on a plan that they have subsequently implemented…and they are doing an amazing job!

From the time I met with them, I felt like I was an extension of their ministry and not an “outsider” riding in on a white horse trying to fix things. Similar to our other ministry partners, I had an incredible passion to want to help them and somehow give back.

Business as Mission had hooked me

It didn’t take long for me to realize that in the end, I was the one who was being blessed. Business as Mission had hooked me because I saw firsthand the impact it can have for God’s Kingdom. Needless to say, my passion to help our ministry partners was stronger than ever before…it was the least I could do.

I believe God has given each of us individual gifts that we must use for His Kingdom, and that His expectation is for us to integrate our faith into everything we do. What a privilege it is to be serving Him this way. The best way I can explain my role in Business as Mission is it represents a way for me to somehow give back. Providing hope and encouragement for those less fortunate is our mission. By representing Jesus through our actions, and not just our words, I have no doubt in my mind that others will follow. To build His Kingdom…this is why we do what we do.

Bob Bush, Managing Director, IBEC Ventures

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