The Quadruple Bottom Line – Part 2

The Quadruple Bottom Line of BAM is a guide of sorts and a template for metrics for owners. It is part of our fabric at IBEC that we keep all four areas in mind as we coach and rejoice as we see progress. We thank God and work hard to further the progress into more progress.  As we begin 2024, we rejoice with four businesses which are excellent in each of these four measures.  They can be models for future success and bright lights to look back upon.

Each of these is developing well in all four measures but we highlight just one in each story.  IBEC had a small part in them all as we provide coaching and consulting services.

Part 1:  Profitability and sustainability – PhotoUp in the Philippines

Part 2:  Job Creation – Kijani Forestry in Uganda

Part 3:  Discipleship of Jesus:  A Manufacturing company in Central Asia

Part 4: Stewardship of Creation:  Outland Denim – Cambodia

Job Creation at Kijani Forestry

Job creation is one of our core drivers at Kijani Forestry. We utilize our 400-acre farm as a training school for our ever-growing extension team. Our work is spread out over 18 districts. Our team members in these districts identify rural farmers that have a passion for tree planting and community development. After a multi-layer interview process, between 50-80 young farmers are accepted into our paid internship program where they spend 2 months living and learning at our farm. After a further 1-month field experience, they are ready to take the mantle of a Parish Coordinator and help Kijani’s continued expansion throughout the region.

This year, our team has grown from around 230 to over 500 workers with the vast majority of these new hires coming from rural areas with extremely limited job opportunities. The majority of these new hires are between 20-25 years old, and for many, this is their first time in formal employment. Besides their salary, Kijani covers the food, accommodation, and transportation costs as the majority work in districts that are not their own.

Our work is very heavily influenced by relationships, so it is important that these young parish coordinators are a good reflection of Kijani to the communities that they work in. While participation in our daily farm church service is not mandatory, many of the team take advantage of the services and the ongoing training from our partner House to House, that helps to make sharing the word of God more accessible.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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