The Quadruple Bottom Line – Part 3


The Quadruple Bottom Line of BAM is a guide of sorts and a template for metrics for owners. It is part of our fabric at IBEC that we keep all four areas in mind as we coach and rejoice as we see progress. We thank God and work hard to further the progress into more progress.  As we begin 2024, we rejoice with four businesses which are excellent in each of these four measures.  They can be models for future success and bright lights to look back upon.

Each of these is developing well in all four measures but we highlight just one in each story.  IBEC had a small part in them all as we provide coaching and consulting services.

Part 1:  Profitability and sustainability – PhotoUp in the Philippines

Part 2:  Job Creation – Kijani Forestry in Uganda

Part 3:  Discipleship of Jesus:  A Manufacturing company in Central Asia

Part 4: Stewardship of Creation:  Outland Denim – Cambodia

Making Disciples in Central Asia

It started off as an idea to manufacture a machine in Central Asia and ended with the production of the only towable boom lift manufactured in the entire, former Soviet Union. The opportunities which this gives Kingdom people are big, as are the challenges, but this serves as an immense opportunity to see believers provide valuable service and assets to those around them.

After 5 years, we have become financially profitable, but more importantly, we have seen God do much work in the individual lives of the employees and staff, as well as me. We don’t know all of what God desires to do through this company, but each life-change is testament to our faithful God, who alone is the life changer. The learning that has happened in my life is beyond words, and we are just beginning as there is so much need for manufacturing, but more importantly, life-on-life disciple making for His glory.

The fact that we are valuable to the country becomes a huge plus when we are dealing with authorities that may not be as excited about seeing a country that has only 0.05 % believers within their boundaries. When they hear the “good” that is being done, they are intrigued and desire to help us to succeed instead of putting up obstacles.  The net result is the transformation of lives and communities.

(written by the owner)

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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