Time to shop for Christmas: The Power of what you wear!

Some time ago, I wrote about the story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting off the plane in Australia with Meghan wearing a pair of jeans made by victims of trafficking in Cambodia.  The BAM company is Outland Denim and is committed to all the principles of BAM’s Quadruple bottom line:  profitability, job creation, making disciples, and creation care.

Since the media scrutinizes the apparel of royalty, the jeans made quite a statement about Meghan’s opposition to the evils of human slavery. That $200 pair of jeans caused Outland Denim jeans to sell out worldwide and created an engine of growth for Outland Denim.  Now more than 150 women (and a few men) have a good job, are loved and cared for, are hearing about Jesus, and their humanity and dignity are being restored.

But think of yourself!  Is it not true that people sometimes admire what we wear or what we are using?  What better way to give a gift at Christmas than giving something made at a BAM company – a bag, a purse, earrings, necklace, perfume, quilts, cosmetics, home décor etc.  It helps the BAM company with their sales; creates a job; and it provides an opportunity for you to tell their story.  Don’t forget to read their story – and tell it to your gift recipient.

Sunshine Nuts  You can order delicious cashew nuts in small packages; I have ordered several times and used them as gifts and it provides an opportunity to tell their story of provided jobs and Jesus to victims in Mozambique.  See:  www.sunshinenuts.com

Nightlight https://nightlightcollection.com sells jewelry, ornaments, bags, and leather products made by women who have been exploited and enslaved in Bangkok. Having a good job along with a listening ear and training leads them to discover a new life and dignity.

Dignity Coconuts   You can hear and read their story on the website which promotes their coconut oil product good for cooking, beauty, lip balm and more.  The coconut oil is pure, raw, and organic.  www.dignitycoconuts.com

House of Diamonds  House of Diamonds (HoD) provides disadvantaged women in Indonesia the opportunity to rise above their circumstances through meaningful employment as textile-artists, offering the freedom to work in a safe, loving environment for good wages. Check out their quilts, wearables, and home décor items at www.libertyandoak.com

Imani Collective  serves the disenfranchised women of Mombasa, Kenya as they learn crafts and sewing skills.  Consider their products of pillowcases, banners, ornaments and wall hangings.  Order at:  www.imanicollective.com

Deux Mains The story of Julie Colombino-Billingham and the Deux Mains company in Haiti is amazing.  Based on her belief that poverty is not eradicated by charity, but by entrepreneurship, she credits God with helping her build this company.  Buy handmade sandals, bags, or jewelry and help the poorest of Haiti.  www.deuxmains.com

Outland Denim While the core product is denim-related, the company now has other apparel such as T shirts, hoodies, dresses, sweaters, and the life.  Check them out at:  www.outlanddenim.com

Aruna  By purchasing products from this company in India, you can bring lifelong freedom to victims of human trafficking.  Buy bags, hair accessories, backpacks, and duffel bags at www.arunaproject.com

Freedom’s Promise  focuses on shawls and scarves including pashminas, but their women also make bags, ornaments, etc.  This Cambodian company demonstrates the love of Christ while addressing human trafficking.  www.freedomspromise.org

San Lazaro Coffee is a project of Mission Lazarus operating in Haiti and Honduras.  Buying their coffee gives more jobs to people in poverty and each hears the good news of Jesus. https://sanlazarocoffee.com/

Sutisana was started in Bolivia to provide employment for women who wanted deliverance from their life of prostitution.  You can order great quality products in support of these women at https://sutisana.com/  Also watch the great video https://vimeo.com/234102604

Savhera means “new beginnings” in Hindu. A job with Savhera offers a pathway to holistic wellness + renewal for survivors of sex trafficking in India.  You can order organic essential oils such as lavender plus jewelry.  www.savhera.com

All of these companies have a connection to IBEC Ventures – some as a client; some as part of the partnership with freedombusinessalliance.com Others have had site visits or their story has been told in video or print by IBEC personnel.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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