What is it that we do?

Last week, we presented two 3-minute videos to answer the question of WHY Business as Mission and WHY IBEC.  We tried to answer the question of why we care about poverty and job creation; and why we care about making disciples of Jesus.

Standard definitions of WHAT Business as Mission is, include the basic ideas included in the Quadruple Bottom Line: making a profit, creating jobs, making disciples of Jesus, and creation care.  Sometimes, they are called Profit, People, Purpose and Planet.  There are many verbal speakers that address this, but I thought an 8-minute video might be the best way to “see” WHAT it is.  This is the story of the Munsons at Saddleback Leather.  Suzette’s concluding challenge is super powerful. You can read more by clicking here, or watch the video by clicking here.  

The next 4-minute video features Bob Bush, Managing Director of IBEC, Jonathan Brake, IBEC’s Director of Consulting Services, and coach Tony Vidicich.  They answer the question of WHAT IBEC does to facilitate Kingdom Businesses. Watch it by clicking here. 

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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