Who else besides IBEC Ventures is in this BAM space?

Today I was contacted by a bright young man in the banking industry.  A university graduate in banking and finance, he has just completed his second year with a major bank.  He asked me, “How can I use my experience and training to help make a difference with what you are doing?”  We talked for a long time about IBEC’s purpose and vision and how we were linking people like him with kingdom companies in countries with great need for jobs and Jesus.

Someone told him about IBEC as he had never heard of us before. When talking about who we are and what we do, I assured him that we are not the only ones with this vision to link God’s people with business skills with entrepreneurial business start ups in high risk countries.  I then thought it might be useful to list “some” of the entities with which we cooperate or are philosophically aligned.  First a reminder of our purpose and vision:

IBEC’s Purpose

IBEC helps build sustainable businesses through consultative expertise that changes lives and transforms communities.

IBEC’s Vision

We envision an increasing number of Small-Medium sustainable Kingdom businesses with our special emphasis on areas that are both economically impoverished and spiritually unreached.

Check out these websites

These are “some” entities (there are others) which are working in the same space as IBEC Ventures, approaching the building of kingdom businesses from different angles but all pursuing profit-making, sustainable, job-creating, disciple-making businesses.

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Larry W. Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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