Business as Mission for the rest of us

Michael Baer has written another book following up on his 2006 Business as Mission: the Power of Business in the Kingdom of God.  This time, in 2IC: Business as Mission for the Rest of Us, he clarifies that we all can – and should – be involved in Business as Mission.  Even those who are not the boss can make an impact for God’s kingdom through business – and Mike shows us how.

He asserts that the principles of BAM are the same for those who report to somebody else as for those who own the business, but the applications are quite different.  He uses two prominent Biblical characters who were not the boss but as “Second in Command” (2IC) showed how to make a gigantic difference for the Kingdom – Joseph and Daniel.  While none of us is a Joseph or a Daniel, we may labor under adverse circumstances while trying to make a difference for God and we can learn from them.

A few key thoughts from the book are relevant to those of us who are 2IC:

  • There is no “sacred-secular” divide, only one integrated Kingdom under the limitless Lordship of Jesus Christ.  The Bible affirms the sacredness of all things (Colossians 2:16-20).
  • Business is a good thing from God and a high and holy calling – as high as any other.
  • Instead of a “called” and “uncalled” in the church there are only the called – there is no hierarchy or value pyramid of callings.
  • Christ is much more than just a personal Savior.  He is also the great Healer, the King, the Shepherd, the Provider, the Guide…the Redeemer, the Liberator, the Judge, etc.
  • “I believe that one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace” – quoted from Billy Graham.
  • It is critical, once and for all, that the church embrace and teach the doctrine of vocation so that those in business or any other profession feel and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing “I am called by God…”
  • The world needs to see the gospel as much as it needs to hear it.
  • Daniel was known for excellence of character and excellence of work.
  • The first lesson from Joseph is the wonderful truth for all of us.  Our lives, our calling, our jobs, our roles as “not in charge” are all part of an incredibly grand divine plan.
  • There are four categories of people in business:  international entrepreneur, international employee/manager, domestic entrepreneur, and domestic employee/manager.
  • Daniel and Joseph demonstrate that those of us who are not the boss are not a “lesser breed” – we are not consigned to a subordinate role.  This is Business as Mission for the rest of us.

I encourage you to read Mike Baer’s book for yourself and reexamine your calling and role with Business As Mission from a Second In Command perspective.

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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