Thanksgiving reflection: what a privilege!

As I think about this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I can’t help but reflect upon how God has blessed me throughout my life.  It certainly begs the question…Lord, how can I possibly begin to repay all the ways you continually bless me on a daily basis?  Parents who have always been there for me, coupled with my beautiful wife and incredible daughters, truly make me the “luckiest man alive”.  So…I find myself struggling with the incredible challenge of trying to give back, to somehow illustrate to my Lord and Savior, how grateful I am for what He has done for me.

When I first joined IBEC, God opened my eyes to a world that I was either oblivious to, or one that I just didn’t take the time to notice.  You see, like so many others in this world, I was brought up in the business world where, unfortunately, faith took a back seat. The idea of integrating faith into the workplace was nothing more than a facade…until I had the opportunity to see Business as Mission work firsthand here at IBEC.  As I reflect upon the powerful impact IBEC has had on me, I need to take a moment and give thanks to my amazing colleagues and partners who have opened my eyes and made me a better person since I joined the team.  While it is impossible to thank everyone who has contributed to IBEC this past year, I would be remiss in not recognizing the following:

  • To our consultants who continually strive to make a difference in the lives of the unreached every day.  Their passion to utilize business as a tool to create jobs and change communities is not only contagious, it is powerful!
  • To our Board of Directors and Leadership Team who humbly come together as “one” to create a roadmap of success that focuses on one common goal…to build God’s Kingdom through the gifts he has bestowed upon us.
  • To our consultative partners (mission agencies, churches, Kingdom-focused businesses, ex-pats who desire to take their gifts overseas, and nationals who desire and need our support and help) who have made us stronger not only as an organization, but  in our own personal journey as well.
  •  To our financial supporters who continue to believe in our mission and why we are here.
  • To the incredible consulting and training opportunities that are in front of us in areas like Africa, India, China, and Thailand.  And, for the opportunity to reach our young people on college campuses throughout the U.S. as well.

IBEC has not only opened my eyes to the positive impact Business as Mission can have in this world, but it has unveiled a “crack in the armor” regarding my own personal life that lay dormant for so many years. Through God’s grace and His perseverance, my eyes have been opened to see firsthand the impact that the creation of jobs can have in this world. Jobs create hope, and through this transformation, lives are changed.  Throughout this process, the power and love of Jesus Christ is revealed.  And, as a result, souls are saved! What a privilege and honor it is to be serving our Lord in this capacity…and to be seeing His love manifest itself in some of the darkest places of this world each and every day.

Bob Bush, Managing Director, IBEC Ventures

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