Buy a Gift Today and Bring Freedom to a Life

This is a difficult time for most small businesses, and faith-driven entrepreneurs in faraway countries are no exception. It may be a good time to order products for Mother’s Day, upcoming birthdays, or even Christmas.  You could save a Kingdom business from closing their doors, as well as help to save a life from poverty, human trafficking, or hopelessness.

I just ordered some jewelry for my daughters, who have a birthday in the next three months.  Last November, I ordered clothing for Christmas presents.  Now may be an important time to buy ethically, and with a real purpose.  The men and women who produce these products have a job, are learning a skill, and are hearing the truths of the Gospel.

I would encourage you to make a purchase today, and also review their website to learn about businesses that have a connection to IBEC; but more importantly, learn about Kingdom-Minded entrepreneurs and their passion for serving the poor, disadvantaged, and unreached. These sample companies from Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Kenya and China represent many individuals who are working hard to make a difference.

This link focuses on Mother’s Day, and features Freedom Business Alliance, an IBEC partner. 

Aruna Project- Aruna is a brand that creates apparel and accessories to provide jobs and lifelong freedom to sexually enslaved women in India.  The artisans earn a competitive wage, health care, and on-going discipleship and counseling.

Eden- Eden fights the injustices of modern slavery one piece of jewelry and one life at a time. They exist in several locations throughout Asia, and are committed to changing lives – spiritually, socially, and economically.

Sak Saum- This company is located in the Phnom Penh area of Cambodia. Although they have plenty of accessories, jewelry, scarves, bags and more, it is ultimately about a changed life.

Freeleaf This company, located in Asia, rescues women by focusing on their spiritual, emotional, economic, and holistic healing with products great for home décor and accessories.  Watch their one minute video here. 

Freedoms Promise- Their fair trade products equip women to stand against slavery, and bring them a new life in Christ. Check out their silk scarves among other great gifts.

Sari Bari serves victims of Calcutta’s prostitution districts, by providing jobs and life with dignity. Some of the products include home décor, baby things, and bags. Buying here makes an investment in a woman’s life in India.

Sudara helps break the cycle of sex slavery with sewing centers in India, thus creating freedom for hundreds of women. Check out their pajamas, robes, and lounge pants among other interesting items.

Imani Collective provides jobs for women in poverty in Mombasa, Kenya.  Try ordering face masks, walling hangings, and ornaments. Check out stories of the women on IBEC’s Oct 4/19 blog.

Pan Dia Seeds– This company excels in seed expertise, and sells seeds to match your soil and climate conditions.  They have gifts for the gardeners you may know.

If you really want to go high end, here are two websites of expensive quality products:  pearl jewelry and jean products:

Plax Jewellry- IBEC coaches this UK based jewelry company that uses the pearl as a metaphor for changed lives, particularly the disadvantaged in Africa.

Outland Denim- This Australian-owned company with production facilities in Cambodia, really understands the quadruple bottom line of BAM. They not only sell quality products, but also have many stories of changed lives.

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures 

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