Environmental Care and Creation Stewardship (A Business as Mission Priority)

It is exciting for me to see the product of much hard work on the part of my good friend Mark Polet and his colleagues. Mark and his wife, Terri, are true BAMers in Asia, dynamic thought leaders, and friends of IBEC. BAMGlobal.org has published three pieces in this series (read them along with this Part 4 by clicking on the link below) and now we have the final segment. God intends for us to take creation care seriously and these practitioners have given us some tools and encouragements.

THE FOURTH REPORT IN THE SERIES ON BAM AND CREATION CARE IS NOW PUBLISHED!  We are pleased to announce that the final piece of research in the BAM and Creation Care Series is now available – download free now

The findings of the BAM and Creation Care Consultation, indicate a profound shift in the attitude of BAM practitioners to environmental stewardship and creation care in the last decade. Environmental stewardship was important to survey respondents both personally and in their business. While this is an encouraging development, an outstanding challenge identified was the effective implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Historically, BAM practitioners have lacked capacity and resources to care for creation as they would hope to.

This paper is a response to this challenge, and provides guidance in establishing an EMS, plus points to further resources that should significantly aid the BAM community to mature in its environmental stewardship.

Click on this link to read the report.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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