Quotable Quotes from 2023 BAM Global Conference

Several hundred from all over the world attended the conference on April 27.  The following few quotes represent many more in an excellent program led by Mats Tunehag, Jo Plummer, and Joao Mordomo.

  • We chose to do a Kingdom Business not because we had to, but because it embedded us into the community (Josiah in Costa Rica).
  • The refugee highway has 100 million displaced looking for a new home and new jobs.
  • The key thing for a Business as Mission enterprise is that someone has to have the DNA of an entrepreneur (Brent, Spain).
  • Business entrepreneurs are the untapped resource for the Kingdom of God (Garry, Asia).
  • If I bring value to a business or a community, I build trust and then have an audience; if I only talk theology, it is like sitting on a one-legged stool (Vaibhar, India).
  • The biggest issue in BAM may be the issue of who the customer is and how does one reach them (Don Simmons, USA).
  • White Lady, I didn’t want water; I need a job (Haitian woman to entrepreneur Jullie Colombino-Billingham).
  • I have had more downs than ups, but God brings me through (Julie in Haiti).
  • Remember that the Jews used a term “Tikkan Olam” which means to repair the world which refers to our co-creating with God, bridging the gap and bringing hope through business (Mats Tunehag, BAM Global).
  • Seek to be a blessing to the community (Bill Job, BAM Ambassador).
  • When people see us as business people, they see us as equal and a relationship develops which is real (Bruno, Asia).

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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