Sneak peek: 8 new IBEC BAM video vignettes – Part 1

“It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” The ‘what’ is certainly important, but the ‘who’ – ‘Who’ we know and serve and ‘who’ we know and serve with – reveals more about each of us. As readers of this blog, we hope you are coming to know IBEC better, who we are all in all senses of the word.

Over the next three weeks we have the privilege of introducing you to five leaders in the Business As Mission (BAM) community, each of whom is making their mark on the Kingdom of God through their work in promoting and supporting the BAM movement: John Warton, Mats Tunehag, Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag, Bill Job and Larry Sharp. They would each say it’s not about them; it’s about the message they bring, so we are excited to provide a vehicle for that message to get out – to you and to others with God-wired gifts and skills in business.

The videos we are unveiling to you today feature John Warton, CEO of the Business Professional Network ( highlighting two key tenets in the BAM movement: job creation and the God ordained nature of work. Each vignette runs about two minutes and is being released for open distribution by IBEC and the speakers. IBEC will be featuring these in a variety of venues and we encourage you to use them freely as well. You may share them through social media and on your websites or use them in presentations or other settings to help others catch a vision for Business As Mission.

John Warton: Employment crisis

In Employment crisis John Warton highlights first the world-wide employment crisis quoting Gallup Chairman, Jim Clifton.  Job creation is not only a great social enterprise – it is the Christian thing to do. John tells the story of a job provided to an Iranian refugee and how that brought dignity, family solidarity and transformation.  Key themes: the importance of jobs and job creation.

Employment Crisis – John Warton from IBEC Ventures.

John Warton: Do business until I come

In the second clip, John tells two stories – one of a machinist in Chicago and another of his friend Bill in China.  Both highlight how in business we “do things differently” and bring the kingdom of God to those around us. Key themes: Kingdom business; faith and work; workplace ministry.

Do business until I come – John Warton from IBEC Ventures.

These videos are the result of funds generously granted to IBEC for the production of 21 BAM focused videos: these eight “heart of BAM” snippets plus thirteen in-depth training sessions for BAM professionals. Stay tuned next week for the unveiling of three more videos from this series:

  • Mats Tunehag: Business is like Bach
  • Mats Tunehag: BAM Street
  • Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag: Freedom business

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about using these videos in your presentations, social media and websites. We’re here to help others to catch the vision and move forward in building Kingdom businesses for the glory of God!

Carolyne Hart, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing, IBEC Ventures

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