Sneak peek: 8 new IBEC BAM video vignettes – Part 2

This week we’re previewing three new power packed Business As Mission (BAM) video vignettes featuring one of the most visible couples in the BAM movement: Mats Tunehag and Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag. Mats Tunehag is probably the world’s most prolific speaker and writer about BAM. He is currently Co-Chair of BAM Global (formerly the BAM Think Tank) and Lausanne Senior Associate for BAM. Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag is the founder of the European Freedom Network and co-founder of the Freedom Business Alliance in North America.  Her passion is in various themes related to the rescue of human trafficked victims of injustice.  Her expertise is evident as she appeals to business people to help provide jobs as a vital component of rescuing these victims.

Mats Tunehag: Business like Bach

This very short and poignant video makes the cogent point that just as Bach put years of hard work and practice into developing the extraordinary musical gifts given to him by God, some of us are given the gift of business as a way to bring glory to God. We should not see business as a distraction but rather as an instrument worthy of our time, energy and for the greater glory of God. Key themes: Business is a gift with greater purpose, given by God.

Business like Bach – Mats Tunehag from IBEC Ventures.

Mats Tunegag: BAM Street

Mats’ second video is an interesting comparison between Wall Street and BAM Street – listen carefully to hear the difference. Key themes: BAM versus traditional business. BAM capital (spiritual, social and intellectual) as well as financial.

BAM Street – Mats Tunehag from IBEC Ventures.

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag: Freedom business

Jennifer Tunehag is a worldwide spokesperson for using business to help people escape from the sex trade and human trafficking. Freedom businesses, both in the U.S. and overseas, help to provide living wages, training and opportunities to people who might otherwise be exploited. She eloquently challenges us as business people to build businesses in the places where the need is greatest, in our communities and around the world. “Business people, God needs you. Your businesses can play an important role in the fight against slavery and exploitation.” Key themes: Freedom business. Using our businesses to help vulnerable and exploited people, locally and globally.

Freedom business – Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag from IBEC Ventures.

These videos are the result of funds generously granted to IBEC for the production of 21 BAM focused videos: these eight “heart of BAM” snippets plus thirteen in-depth training sessions for BAM professionals. In case you missed seeing the other vignettes, take a look at Sneak Peek – Part 1 for more background or just click through to the videos from Part 1:

  1. Employment Crisis – John Warton
  2. Do business until I come – John Warton

Check back next week for Sneak Peek – Part 3 featuring the final videos in this series:

  1. Wisdom, listen, execute – Bill Job
  2. Conversations with God – Bill Job
  3. My business is my ministry – Larry Sharp

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about using these videos in your presentations, social media and websites. We’re here to help others to catch the vision and move forward in building Kingdom businesses for the glory of God!

Carolyne Hart, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing, IBEC Ventures

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