The Quadruple Bottom Line – Part 4


The Quadruple Bottom Line of BAM is a guide of sorts and a template for metrics for owners. It is part of our fabric at IBEC that we keep all four areas in mind as we coach and rejoice as we see progress. We thank God and work hard to further the progress into more progress.  As we begin 2024, we rejoice with four businesses which are excellent in each of these four measures.  They can be models for future success and bright lights to look back upon.

Each of these is developing well in all four measures but we highlight just one in each story.  IBEC had a small part in them all as we provide coaching and consulting services.

Part 1:  Profitability and sustainability – PhotoUp in the Philippines

Part 2:  Job Creation – Kijani Forestry in Uganda

Part 3:  Discipleship of Jesus:  A Manufacturing company in Central Asia

Part 4: Stewardship of Creation:  Outland Denim – Cambodia

Creation Stewardship at Outland Denim

It was a privilege to visit one of the factories of Outland Denim in Cambodia recently. It was amazing to clearly observe the Quadruple Bottom line metrics: Productivity, Job Creation, Disciple-Making and Stewardship of creation.  Here we emphasize the last of the group of four.

The following comes from their website and does reflect reality. In fact when I was there, one of the managers had just returned from Turkey where he inspected the denim process to ensure the most environmentally friendly product in their supply chain.

Our vertically integrated factory, incorporating our design lab, cut-make-trim and wash house facilities, employ the best water and energy saving technology by Jeanologia, allowing us a high degree of control over our operations and our environmental footprint.

Each Outland Denim piece is made with the cleanest raw materials sourced from across the globe with care and integrity by designers who are passionate about sustainability. We prioritize sustainable, vegan-friendly raw materials, and biodegradable packaging.

Our garments are constructed with skill and expertise by staff who are offered fair, safe, and fulfilling employment before our wash engineers put the finishing touches on our denim using industry-leading sustainable washing techniques and technology.

As a result of more enlightened customers, we have been able to realize our mission of giving work to victims of human trafficking. This has placed Outland at the forefront of global citizenship in the fashion industry.

Each pair of Outlands spares the earth and elevates the women and men who artfully craft each garment, all while making our customers look (and feel) amazing.

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Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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